Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ice Bowl

Bringing back the ultimate 70's appetizer, shrimp cocktail! I've always struggled to find a way to keep these puppies cold during a party, then the other day I bought a new set of Pyrex bowls and as I got them out of the box and stacked them into each other it occurred to me, pour some water in between them and make an ice bowl! You can decorate with a variety of garnishes, for this one I used lemon slices, rosemary sprigs and brightly colored flowers. This would also be a great idea for an ice bucket at a party

Find 2 bowls in 2 different sizes, just not too far apart in size
Place the smaller bowl inside the bigger bowl
Place 1-2 cans of food inside the smaller bowl to weigh it down, otherwise it will float
Fill with water in between the two bowls
leaving an inch of room at the top, tape the bowls together so they stay centered
Fill with your garnishes and use a wooden skewer to arrange them in the water
Place in the freezer for at least 12 hrs
About 20 min before you are ready to serve take your ice bowl out of the freezer and let it sit, then gently remove the small bowl from the top, place a hand towel over the ice bowl and flip over to remove it from the larger bowl
If it's a little stuck (like mine was) place the bottom of the large bowl in a bit of warm water to loosen it and try again


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  2. Now would you put this on a plate or ??

  3. I have a small round piece of cork meant for a hot pad that I put mine on, you can't see it under the bowl. I would try to find something like that where it's hidden, but also protecting what ever type of surface you are serving on. If you do end up using a plate just don't use a "busy" looking one, stick with maybe a plain white because you don't want to take away from your beautiful ice bowl!

  4. Good question by the way Stephanie!